Manage all your work orders and maintainence easily

 Using TYKT you can run a well organized, efficient work order program, including product or service quality, operational efficiency, environmental performance, health and safety in the workplac. Using our platform you can Funnel and Centralize all maintenance requests uner one roof, TYKT! 

Dispatch Tracking

Work order, start vs compl. date 
Type of work (Preventive, Emergency, Routine), location
Category (HVAC, roof, electrical, plumbing, grounds etc)
Cost, labor time
Type and condition of equipment

Automate Maintenance

Automate Work Orders
Backlog Reminders
Status of Budget Warnings
Emergency Work Orders
Days to Complete Work Orders
PM Hours
Quality Assurance Metrics

Performance, KPI

Failure Rates
% of staff replaced
Change in staff size
Attendance rates
Average cost of pay vs. benefits per person
Warranty Vs. Depreciation
Buy Vs. Lease

What We Do Best

Using Industry Best Practices TYKT helps you manage and oversee your maintenance easily.

Dispatch & Tracking

Consolidate all your workforce, backoffice tasks, operations and mainintence in one place.

Work Order Automation

Using TYKT you can expect a high degree of resolution and operational quality of both your staff and equipment.

Performance Metrics

Gain insights into failure rates, productivity, turnover and other issues.


Create coal oriented plans, to showcase success and uptrends.

Resource Skillsets

Resource, Skillsets and Schedules.

Business Productivity

Drive uptime and business productivity.

Work with a Team of Talented Ninjas

Our support team at TYKT is always there to help you setup and let you run your organization. We can also setup User Definer Fields, allowing you to customize your reports and insights.


Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
Green Purchasing Report
Solid Waste Audit Report
Building Information Sheet
Monthly Report Template
Building Operating Plan Template
Smart Buildings
Water Treatment
Operational Performance Targets
Energy and Water Efficiency Use Plan
Energy and Water Efficiency Monthly Report
Annual Energy & Water Efficiency Report
Qualifications of Electrical Testing Technicians (ETT)
Miscellaneous Best Practices
Preventive Maintenance Guides
Solid Waste and Recycling Report

Design Engineer
Engineering Management
Executive or Operating Management
Research and Development
Software Development
Hardware Development
Hobbyist or Maker
Component Engineer

Computers/Computer Networks
Consumer Electronics
Ics & Semiconductors
Test Equipment
Data Centers
Smart Home/Buildings

Analog Robotics

Components Test and Measurement

Embedded Hardware


Embedded Software

Automation IoT

Integration and Power Management

Survey & Mapping
Transportation (i.e., Automotive, Aviation)
Wireless/Location-Based Services
GNSS System
Distributors and Resellers
Machine Control/Precision Agriculture
Professional/Consumer OEM
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Warm Air Heating
Hydronic Heating (Wet)
Architectural Sheet Metal Other
Metal Roofing

Our Preventitive Process & Workflow.


Map your company process to the TYKT workflow.

Manage Projects

Track your projects.

Analyze Insights

Catch exceptions.


Create templates and plan.


Use TYKT to run the maintainance workflow

Let’s Work Together & TYKT help you!

We can help you

  • Understand the Expectations and Setup the TYKT paltform per your needs
  • We can help you with the Key Questions
  • Identify the Metrics
  • Your can Own and Collect Data as Part of the Process
  • Improve Operations and Compare Metrics Over Time 
  • Benchmark With Others