TYKT Maintenance BoT applies to various industries

Many industries are listed below, that benefit from TYKT’s automation and security

100’s of Applications

The cross cutting automation of TYKT allows you the flexibility to build in and out of your sandbox.

Our applications to the industry span various industries 

Simple Steps:

1. Import Assets & Users into TYKT
2. Add Locations, Inventory, & Parts
3. Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Process Development

Custom client speicific use cases and process

Team Alignment

Centralized control and management


Invest more time in meeting your customer needs

Mission Oriented

Clear focus on your mission, by tailoring benchmarks and metrics.


Quick access in a snapshot of performance

Portfolio Organization

Organize different departments, vendors and resources in place with portfolios

Policy & Compliance

Granular levels of sharing, controls and deployment

Custom Controls

A key difference in TYKT is being able to setup custom organizational controls. embedded into your business process.

Capture Work Order History
Schedule Preventative Maintenance in TYKT
Simple Asset Management
Inventory Management & Health
Keep Constant Contact with Technicians
Track Progress at a glance

Optionally Setup your Planning Office Systems and Methods
 Work Order Costing
 Plant and Equipment Information
 Planning Documents and their Control
 Equipment Records and their Control
 Job Procedures
 Job Records and their Control
 Equipment Performance Trending
 Job Performance Trending
 Track Planning Performance & Benefits
 Job, Work and Personnel Safety

Run multiple scenarios for analysis from As-Is -> To-Be
Built-in user driven reporting

Assess ROI, Waste, cash flows, scrap, utilization of equipment and plants
Perform alternative scenario analysis

Dispatchers save time and money scheduling work orders and minimize the distances that field personnel travel.
Peredict/analyze operating costs based on BOM & commodity prices
Perform trade-off studies relating to Asset/Maintainence/Labor/fleet size
Create ‘What-if’ scenarios on various company bottom-lines
Perform timing studies on both capital and labor expenditures
Rapidly re-optimize schedules when conditions change


Field Service Management Software
Mobile Field Service Management
Schedule & Dispatch
Work Order Management
Installed Base
IoT & Preventive Maintenance
Parts Management
Metrics, Reporting & Dashboards
Asset Service Management Software
Mobile Asset Service Management
Complex Jobs Planning
Contractor Management
Zinc Real-Time Communication
Platform Technology

Administrative, Financial, and Management Services
    Agricultural Equipment and Related Products and Services
      Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Theatre
        Automotive Products, Vehicles, and Services
          Building Equipment, Supplies, and Services
            Clothing, Textiles, Laundry Equipment, and Supplies
            Communication Equipment and Services
              Computers, Software, Supplies, and Services
                Environmentally Certified Products
                  Food, Equipment, and Related Services
                    Furnishings and Related Services
                      Furniture and Related Services
                        Miscellaneous Commodities and Services
                          Office Supplies, Related Items, and Services
                            Paper, Printing Equipment, and Related Products and Services
                              Personal Products, Equipment, and Services
                                Public Works, Park Equipment, and Construction Services
                                  Rental and Leasing Services
                                    Safety and Protection Equipment and Related Services
                                      School and Library Equipment, Supplies, and Services
                                        Sporting, Athletic, and other Outdoor Equipment and Services
                                          Testing and Sampling Equipment and Services
                                            The Trades: Electrical, Engineering, HVAC, Plumbing, and Welding
                                              Transit Equipment and Related Services, Mass
                                                Water and Sewer Treatment Equipment, Supplies, and Services
                                                Hardware, Related Equipment, and Services
                                                  Highway Road Equipment, Materials, and Related Equipment
                                                    Janitorial and Cleaning Equipment, Supplies, and Services
                                                      Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, and Services
                                                        Maintenance and Repair of Equipment
                                                          Medical Equipment, Supplies, and Services

                                                            Become an expert

                                                            TYKT platform is a tool to help you excel in seamlessly-managing your issues, resources and customers.

                                                            A.I> Learn by Doing

                                                            As usage grows TYKT shows you trends

                                                            Forecasting and trending models allow you to get ahead of your issues, simply enable TYKT AI engine.

                                                            Build your portfolio

                                                            Organize your resources, issues, and customers.

                                                            TYKT buckets known as portfolio’s are groups of system and organization resource-groupings known as portfolios.

                                                            Achieve your goals

                                                            Using Maturity Models you can now align your goals in a measurable way.

                                                            Besides the KPI’s the compass cluster helps align your goals in smoother better aligned way.

                                                            My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first session!

                                                            A large part involves user driven processes, allowing your organization to setup effectively and quickly.

                                                            John Smith, SPIC Initiative


                                                            TYKT is SaaS web portal

                                                            Its a turn key cloud portal to allow you to manage your issues

                                                            KYC, MDM Customer 360?

                                                            Singular view of all your customers. 

                                                            Records Management?

                                                            Track, chats, issues, records in one place with the TYKT platform.

                                                            Portfolio driven?

                                                            Organize different departments, vendors and resources in place with portfolios.

                                                            Measure Performance?

                                                            Mission focused, with quality.

                                                            KPI Dashboards?

                                                            Drag and Drop KPI’s allow custom mission focus.

                                                            Resource & Task Management?

                                                            Besides tickets your are able to manage roles, resources, skills and tasks and even track time.

                                                            Free Cloud

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                                                            Premium Cloud

                                                            Customized plans the scale as you grow..

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