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Is a SaaS Web Portal to Manage and Track Work Orders or Assembley Services of your Company. Many features and lifecycle of Work Orders, Disptach, Assets, Buildings, Contracts, Skills, Servicing, Vendors and more can be easily Automated with Preventative Maintenance, Dispatch, & Customers Invoicing etc.

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Workforce Connected Backoffices

  • Maintenance Bot, Management
  • Assets, Events, Tickets, Conference Management
  • Services Work Orders
  • Locations. Onsite Solutions, Destination & Venue
  • Transportation
  • Mobile Field Service, Work Orders Events
  • Building Maintenance, Room Block Management
  • Survey & Production Schedule
  • Vendor Contracts, Iternary Sourcing

Analyze Investigate, gain Insights

    • No Software, Customer CRM tickets Cloud
    • Manage. Vendors, Contractors, Buyers, Suppliers
    • Automate and Scale your Business
    • ROI Business
    • Customer Feedback
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  • Transportation
  • Corporate Professional Services
  • Education
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Non-Profit
  • Food & Beverage
  • Housing & Tenants
  • Warehouse
  • Supply Chain
  • Materials Management


  • Plan Multiple TYKT service BOTs
  • Manage your workforce
  • Dispatch, Auto Dispatch
  • Newsletter, Market, Advertise, Blog
  • Refer a Friend, Contractor
  • Co-Partners & Vendors integration
  • Contracts
  • Private Groups
Online Ticket Tracking

TYKT handles the automation, work order, asset, work flow ticket throughout its life-cycle, from the inquiry, resolving of the ticket.

Billable Solutions

An add-on, TYKT TimeTracker, can track work effort associated issue, billable to dept. or vendor.

Events, Ticket Process & Wokflow

TYKT BOTs can be assigned to any task, alerts or alarms can be set to remind them to initiate follow-up.

Knowledge Base & FAQ

TYKT Knowledge Base is a searchable database that contains the accumulated knowledge of specialists. 

Templates & Best Practices

TYKT supports KPI Dashboards templates, answers, Mail response, customer interaction histories, problems solved, and self-help question and answer pairs.

Self Service & Cost Effective Management

TYKT allows UI users to enter their own assets, work orders services requests, calls online through a web-based interface. This allows users to check status of open without  IT intervention, both efficient and cost saving.

The Future of Asset Security, Sustainability, Customer Engagement is Now. Manage, Automate your Work Orders, Inventory, Buildings, Parts, Vendors, Contracts Tickets with TYKT globally!

Behind the scenes: TYKT handles the program, event check list, ticket throughout its life-cycle, from the inquiry, opening of the ticket, the assigning of the ticket, and the resolution of the ticket. Beyond that we extract lesson learned to create FAQ’s and a client specific Knowledge Base inside the TYKT platform.

Best Practices! Our Training, templates and SME’s.

With the best practices baked in, the Event Management and Customer help desk web portal solution automatically tracks the check lists, contact’s issue activities and flags them when certain user-defined criteria are met. This facilitates trend, alerts, automation, identification and root cause analysis of repeat issues.

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TYKT Cloud automates and secures your operational tasks on service tickets (work orders) around your infrastructural assets. 

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