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TurnKey & Interoperable: ServiceNow, SalesForce.com, SAP, SAS, Oracle, MS Dynamics CRM, SharePoint

Ticket & Asset Analysis Mgmt

Drag & Drop Dashboards, Reporting & BI Intelligence

User Engagement

TYKT includes both Selfservice, full Automation

Premium Support

No lockins, use your own resources or ours. Works with ServiceNow, SalesForce, SAP, Oracle etc.

Quick Resolution

TYKT MOM modules auto tracks and drives resolution


Hi-speed Tracking & Resolution

At TYKT, we understand the challenges that organizations face when it comes to managing tickets and incidents across different systems. That’s why we’ve developed a next-generation, turnkey solution that is designed to help organizations of all sizes streamline and optimize their operations, while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Our solution includes a wide range of features that are specifically designed to simplify and enhance business operations. This includes intelligent automation for incident and problem resolution, predictive analytics to identify potential issues before they occur, and real-time reporting and analytics dashboards to give you complete visibility into your operations.

With our multi-channel communication and support capabilities, you can be sure that your customers and employees are always able to reach you, no matter where they are. We offer AI-powered chatbots that are designed to provide your customers with fast, accurate support, as well as self-service portals that enable your employees to resolve issues on their own.


Works with ServiceNow


Works with SAP


Works with SalesForce.com


Works with Oracle ERP


Works with BMC Remedy


Works with MS Dynamics CRM

Automation & Resolution

Our solution is fully interoperable across different platforms, so you can be sure that you’re always able to connect with your customers and employees, no matter which system they’re using. We offer integration with CRM systems for better customer service, as well as integration with ERP systems for improved financial management.

We also offer mobile accessibility, which means that your team can access our solution from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly useful for remote work and management, as it enables your team to stay connected and up-to-date, no matter where they are.

At TYKT, we believe in customizable workflows and processes, which means that our solution can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. We offer knowledge management and sharing capabilities, role-based access control for better security, and multilingual support for global organizations.

Our cloud-based deployment is designed for scalability and flexibility, so you can be sure that our solution can grow with your business. We offer automatic notifications and alerts for critical incidents, SLA management and tracking, and incident escalation and routing based on severity and priority.

We also offer asset and inventory management, configuration and change management, service level reporting and analysis, customizable templates for faster ticket creation and incident resolution, and integrated service catalogs for streamlined ticket creation.

Finally, we offer collaboration tools for team communication and knowledge sharing, as well as integration with DevOps tools for improved software development and deployment.

In short, at TYKT, we are committed to simplifying and enhancing your business operations, while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. With our next-generation, turnkey solution, you can be sure that your organization is always operating at peak efficiency. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free demo.


Interoperability between different systems


Smart Automation for incident, problem resolution


Real-time reporting and analytics dashboard


Self-service portals for customers and employees


Multi-channel communication & support e.g., email, chat, phone, social media


Integration with CRM systems for better customer service


Mobile accessibility for remote work and management


Role-based access control for better security OKTA, ForgeRock, PingIdentity, SAML, OAuth


Automatic notifications and alerts for critical incidents


Cloud-based deployment for scalability and flexibility


Asset and inventory management


Automatic notifications and alerts for critical incidents


Frequently Asked Questions

Improved Incident Management:

TYKT provides a streamlined incident management process for businesses, allowing them to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently. With customizable workflows and automatic notifications, organizations can prioritize and resolve incidents in a timely manner.

Multi-Channel Communication & Resolution

Multi-Channel Communication: TYKT supports multi-channel communication, allowing businesses to offer support via email, phone, chat, and social media. This ensures that customers can access support through their preferred channels.

Real-time Reporting:

With TYKT’s analytics dashboards, businesses can have real-time visibility into their operations. They can monitor their incident resolution times, track their SLAs, and make data-driven decisions.

AI-powered Chatbots:

Coming soon, AI-powered Chatbots: TYKT’s AI-powered chatbots provide 24/7 customer support, allowing businesses to provide fast and accurate assistance to their customers. Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions and handle simple incidents, freeing up support agents to focus on more complex issues

Self-Service Portals

Self-Service Portals: TYKT’s self-service portals allow employees to resolve their own incidents, reducing the burden on support teams. Employees can access knowledge articles and video tutorials to resolve issues on their own, saving time and reducing costs.

Mobile Accessibility: Ios, Android, Ipad, BlackBerry, Surface

Mobile Accessibility: With TYKT, businesses can manage their incidents and customer support from anywhere, at any time. With mobile accessibility, support agents can resolve issues on the go and managers can monitor their operations from their smartphones.

Customizable Workflows*

Customizable Workflows: TYKT’s customizable workflows allow businesses to create processes that meet their specific needs. They can automate incident routing and escalation, and define their own incident categories and priorities.

Integrated Service Catalogs

Integrated Service Catalogs: TYKT’s integrated service catalogs allow businesses to create service offerings and track their usage. This can help businesses identify trends in their incidents and prioritize their support efforts accordingly.

Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction: With faster incident resolution times, self-service capabilities, and AI-powered chatbots, TYKT can improve both employee and customer satisfaction. By providing better support experiences, businesses can enhance their brand reputation and build customer loyalty.

SLA Management

SLA Management: TYKT’s SLA management feature allows businesses to set and track their service level agreements. They can monitor their response and resolution times, and ensure that they meet their commitments to their customers.



For small non profits, case by case basis



Features for upto 15 users



Custom features with ML & AI for larger needs.

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